Kali meets Andrea :)

Thank you for playing with this idea, I love the concept to bring my vision to the best pet brand I love, I’m excited about the challenge to bring out my style to elevate your brand! 


Kali’s Instagram can use some extra vibe and I’m sure can bring some romantic and elegant take to it to better communicate the values of the brand and quality of the products.

About Kali

Sustainability = Well design + high-quality built + long lasting materials + recycled materials

Beliefs = Kind, Responsible, Honest, Collaborative

Vibe = adventurous but also trendy, approachable but also elegant, premium but also fair (not overpriced)


I feel the vibe actually doesn’t come out on the IG that much. There’s a lot of product studio shots (bit boring, would keep these for the website only) and a majority of posts about funny dogs faces (it’s a vibe but I believe can be elevated)

There can be a lot more surf/adventure vibe and elegant/resort vibe.

What I like:

Kali's objectives




Proposed services

  • Creative direction to update the vibe for new content production
  • Create new photography content / campaign
  • Optional: ideate and produce a video series for reels (multiple 5-10sec long)
  • Optional: ideate and produce a new brand video campaign (30-60sec)


KALI's - "It's a vibe"

We want to represent the diverse lifestyle of the dog-lovers that are buying Kali's products: travellers, entrepreneurs, creatives, surfers.

No matter what is your lifestyle, no matter where you are, your dog is coming with you... and will match the vibe.

No matter what vibe you are, Kali's is a vibe.


The visuals will showcase a series of moments and activities the dogs and their owner share together, with different visual treatments but all with focusing on style and showcasing the synergy between pet and human and of course Kali's products.

The images' look will be a mix between editorial, fashion and extreme-close-up shots to display details of the products.

The 4 ideas below are not necessarily alternatives but they can create an overall vibe when linked together. The constant presence of human and dog will strengthen that message and playing with poses and expressions can strengthen the emotional connection with the customer which will see themselves in the photo, no matter the vibe.


1. Creative Content Update

  • Creative direction consultation
  • IG grid creative update
  • Half-day photoshoot 
  • 20 high-quality images (digital and/or films)
  • Max 2 of the concepts above
  • Basic post-production for images or development for 35mm films
  • BTS videos (with assistant)
  • Standard images license*

2. Enhanced Content Creation

  • Everything in Package 1
  • Extended 1-day photoshoot (2 sessions)
  • 40 high-quality images (digital and/or films)
  • Max 3 of the concepts above
  • Production of a short video series for Reels (up to 5 videos, 5-10 seconds each)
  • Standard images license*

3. Premium Brand Transformation

  • Everything in Package 1 & 2
  • Extended 2-day photoshoot (4 sessions)
  • 60 high-quality images (digital and/or films)
  • Ideation for a creative series of short videos (to be produced separately)
  • Production of a new brand video campaign (30-60 seconds)
  • Extended images license*

$440 USD

$970 USD



Consider collaborate with another fashion brand with similar ethics, this can reduce  production costs and double cross-promotion when you both will share online.

  • I can take care of strategy and coordination for a collaborative fashion brand partnership for cross-promotion, this will REDUCE the price of the packages by $150 USD.

Extra Team

All plans are excluding model / venue hire / stylist / MUA / hair. 

I can organise team at management fee of $200 USD + talent/venue fee.

* Licenses

  • Standard images license grants the right to use the photos in digital marketing, social media, and on their website.
  • Extended images license includes fine prints, print advertising, merchandise, and large-scale campaigns.  
  • I reserve the right to use images in my portfolio and personal promotion.