Coffee-table poetry and art book

Love Sex & Fear

A poetry and film photography journey in a coffee-table book format taking you through a love story in chapters.

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The cover of the book Love Sex & Fear.

"Loving each other is revealing our deepest fear"

Relationships are where we explore love, where we find ourselves naked in front of each other, literally but also metaphorically, possibly revealing all the traits and shadows we might call imperfections and that we often fear to show.
Love relationships are the gateway to looking into ourselves and ultimately learning to love each other in the same way we have to learn how to love ourselves. 

The author

Andrea Soverini

Andrea is a poet and multi-disciplinary artist, originally from Italy, now based in Bali. Andrea has a background in digital design and he now creates art in the form of poetry, photography, digital illustration, installations and other artistic mediums. 

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